Supportive Autonomy describes MJSNetworks, LLC Acquisitions’ perspective in partnering with small businesses and start-up's company management/operations. Management will have operating autonomy and the support necessary to maximize the company’s value.  

Support from MJSNetworks, LLC Acquisitions is considered integral to maximizing company value in both the short and long term. The financial support of MJSNetworks, LLC Acquisitions' Capital Partners provides for the investment in human resources, new product development and the equipment required for enhancing manufacturing efficiency and capacity. MJSNetworks, LLC Acquisitions’s hands-on involvement early on in an investment accelerates the transition period from historical performance to superior operating margins, primarily by insuring that our management team have the tools they need to be successful. Our transition period assistance allows management to focus on their functional area of expertise and run daily operations. We also focus on new innovation and the forward progress of mobile services that expands longevity and offers the consumer readily services when/where they need. Tailored to fit the needs of each business, our assistance commonly focuses on the following areas:

  • Improve target quality, service, cost and safety programs
  • Improve management information systems and accountability standards
  • Rationalize unprofitable operations, products or relationships
  • Improve employee benefits and compensation
  • Execute a selective tuck-in acquisition strategy
  • Strategic plan development
  • Recruit/mentor talented management
  • Restructuring services mobility